EditFire is a Multiplatform  Firebase editor.
You can use it on computer and smart devices like smart phones and tablets. It support Windows,  MacOSX, Android and IOS.

Easy to Login
Enter your database info and connect to the database directly.
Windows and Mac OSX version of the applications also support Auto Login future, it enables to login your database by selecting your firebase info json file.

Easy to Use:
It enables to use Firebase Database features easily.
If you can’t edit Firebase Database or just outside of the office, with your cell phone edit your Firebase database or get a copy of database.

That’s it!
If you need admin priviliges, just authenticate.
User-Friendly Interface
Now you can retrieve and modify database in your phone with its simple and user-friendly interface.

How to use:
You must enter your database info by handly or select your firebase info json file to access the database. Also, you can authenticate your user by entering email address and password.

You can easily retrieve your database and modify database with the options.
Adding Item,
Deleting Item,
Inserting Item,
Changing Item
Searching Item,
Importing whole and part of database as json file,
Exporting whole and part of database as json file.
Edit value and key.
Change constant and variable types.

EditFire multi platform universal editor application is the best Google Firebase database management, administration / admin tool in the market.


Login Screen

Auto Login:

Download google-services.jsonfrom Firebase Console and select it in EditFire.It automatically connects to the database.

Manuel Login: You must fill in ProjectId, Api Key and App Id manually to connect to the database.

Authenticated:You can login to the database as authenticated user by email address and password.

Non-Authenticated:You will connect to the database directly but you won’t have authenticated user priviliges.

To authenticate, login by email and password

Tool Bar:

Return Back: Returns back to the previous page.
Add Item: Adds key to the database in selected branch.
Export All: Exports database from a jsonfile.
Import All: Imports all database as a jsonfile.
Extract Item: Downloads open branch of the database.
Insert Item: Inserts branches to the database from a json file.
Refresh Data: Refreshes the database.
Help: Opens the guide page.Sign Out: Signs out from the database and returns back to main page.
SignOut: Signs out from the database and returns back to main page.

Search: Retrieve keys as the filled in“Search”. You can retrieve max 100 items.
Delete: Delete the key.

Key: Write a new key name to change it.
Type: Opens the variable types of buttons to select one. They are boolean, string, int and double.

Boolean:Changes value type to Boolean to edit
String: Changes value type to String to edit
Double: Changes value type to double to edit
Int: Changes value type to int to edit
Edit: Changes key name to the new one filled in “Change Current Key Name” as the selected type.

Firebase Help

Creating Firebase Project:
Open the web page “firebase.google.com” and click ‘SIGN IN’ button.

Click ‘GO TO CONSOLE’ button and Sign in with google account.

Select your project.

If you will add new project, click ‘Add project’ button.

Write your project name, read and accept the terms and then click ‘Create project’ button.

Select your project

Click gear button at left-top side and Click ‘Project settings’ button in the popup dialog.

Click Add App

If you will add firebase to iOS project, click iOS icon. Write your iOS bundle ID and then click ‘Register app’ button

Download config file by clicking ‘Download GoogleService-Info.plist’ button.

If you will add firebase to Android project, click Android icon.

Write your Android package name, click ‘Register app’ button and download config file.

If you need Project ID, App ID and API Key for iOS app, open ‘GoogleService-Info.plist’ with any code editor such as Notepad++ and Visual Studio Code. Project ID: PROJECT_ID App ID: GOOGLE_APP_ID Api Key: API_KEY

If you need Project ID, App ID and API Key for Android app, open ‘google-services.json’ with any code editor such as Notepad++ and Visual Studio Code. Project ID: “project_id” APP ID: “mobilesdk_app_id” API Key: ”current_key”

Now you can login to EditFire, non-authenticated, with these Project ID, App ID and API Key.If you want to login to EditFire, authenticated, you need extra email and password information created in Firebase.